About Us

We Hand Roast Daily

Our Artisan Hand Roasting

We’ve been hand-roasting coffee in our store everyday since 1969. Come in and see the process and savour the aroma - as beans spill out of our small batch, Vittoria International, cast iron drum roaster. We aim to unlock each coffee’s true potential by manually controlling each roast. Unlike computerized manufacturers, our hand roasting technique allows us to adjust each roast with meticulous attention to detail, so that outside variables like humidity and temperature never impact upon our coffees. Our artisan process is hands-on; we respond immediately to sights, smells, and sounds, in order to capture the peak of flavour in each coffee - at just the right moment. Our retail store is equipped just like a manufacturing roastery. Our unique nine silo green bean handling system, pneumatically loads green beans from the silo area prior to roasting, and carries them directly to the roaster. We hope you’ll visit our store and see the process first-hand.

Our Freshness Promise

We roast daily to meet demand; the same coffee that we retail, we also wholesale. In fact, we don’t warehouse any coffee at all! Each day our roaster plans a new roast list, according to what coffees are required to meet wholesale, retail and internet customer demand - that very day. The coffee you order today will be freshly roasted, every time!