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An espresso is made when pressurised water is forced through ground coffee and forms the base of many coffee drinks. A single shot of espresso should produce 25-30mls in approximately 25–30 seconds
Add milk and 1cm of milk foam to your espresso base. A latte is traditionally served in a glass.
Piccolo Latte
A smaller, stronger latte served either in an espresso cup or an espresso sized latte glass.
A cappuccino is traditionally served in a ceramic cup with equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. The frothed milk may be added on top at the end with a spoon along with spinkled drinking chocolate.
Flat White
A flat white is served in a ceramic cup. Milk and a small amount of foam should be added to the espresso base.
Served in either a glass or a cup, a macchiato is an espresso base with a small stain of milk and a dollop of foam.
Doppio Espresso
A double espresso shot requires 22-24 grams of coffee extracted through a double portafilter handle. A double shot of espresso should produce 60-70mls in 25-30 seconds.
Long Black
A doppio espresso forms the base for a long black with added water from the boiler.
Long Macchiato
A long macchiato is a doppio espresso served in a glass with a dollop of foam and a small stain hot or cold milk. Water may also be added from the boiler.
The ristretto is the first or primary part of the coffee extraction within the first 15 seconds. A concentrated sweet shot of 15mls using the same amount of coffee as for an espresso. A ristretto is usually served in a small ceramic cup.
Doppio Ristretto
This strong, espresso sized coffee is made with a double shot of coffee. With only 30–35mls extracted in 15 seconds, this forms the base for any strong coffee.
A doppio ristretto served in a five ounce cup filled with flat white styled milk. Most commonly found in Melbourne.