Coffee 101

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your espresso machine

Equipment should be kept clean, set correctly, and well maintained. Any stale coffee in your machine or grinder will affect the flavour of your fresh coffee.

  1. Back flush your machine with the blind filter according to the manufacturers' instructions. If it's a domestic or super automatic machine, descale according to manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Clean the portafilter and shower screen with a group head brush.
  3. Clean any coffee build up from the baskets by rinsing and scouring.
  4. Use a chemical cleaning solution regularly to soak portafilter handles.
  5. Empty the drip tray, drain and rinse with water.
  6. Cleaning products are also available for the steaming wand.
  7. Clean the exterior of your machine with an appropriate surface cleaner.
  8. Essential accessories include chemical cleaning agents and group head brushes.
Everyday cleaning
    1. Whilst brewing, keep your machine parts and exterior coffee making area clean with purpose designed Cafessi Barista Cloths
    2. Clean any coffee build up from the baskets by rinsing and scouring
    3. Empty the drip tray and rinse with water
Regular cleaning
      1. Clean the shower screen with a Group Head Cleaning Brush
      2. Use Cafetto Evo Organic Cleaner to regularly soak porta-filter handles
Additional semi commercial and commercial machine cleaning

Back flush your machine every 4 kilograms of coffee (or every 2 months), using a Blind Filter and Cafetto Evo Organic Cleaner

Additional domestic and superautomatic machine cleaning

Descale your machine with Cafetto Descaler every 3 months according to the manufacturer's instructions.