Coffee 101

Coffee Glossary

The bright and dry taste that adds life to a coffee.
The sensation of coffee taste that lingers and changes after the coffee has been swallowed.
Arabica coffee
The higher quality species of the coffee plant, grown at high altitude.
The intensity of the coffee flavor, as sensed by the nose.
Blind filter
A filter basket without holes, used for cleaning an espresso machine.
The weight of the coffee; best be sensed by allowing the coffee to rest on the tongue, then rubbing the tongue against the roof of the mouth.
The fruit of the coffee tree. Each cherry contains two coffee beans or one "peaberry."
Coffee biscuit
The coffee cake left in the espresso machine’s portafilter basket after extraction.
The flavoursome and aromatic foam, or emulsion, on top of an espresso.
A coffee tasting technique used to evaluate the aroma and flavour profile of a coffee.
Coffee that has had at least 97% of its caffeine removed is classified as decaffeinated.
Ethical coffee
Coffee cultivation developed and implement by standards that are socially and environmentally responsible, as well as economically viable. We stock Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees.
The brewing delivery of coffee and its unique flavours.
Green Coffee
The term used for unroasted coffee beans
The container that holds whole coffee beans in a grinder.
Organic coffee
Coffee that has been grown and certified as free of pesticides and chemicals.
An espresso that has taken too long to pass through the coffee grounds.
Portafilter basket
Ground coffee is dosed into this vessel within the portafilter handle of an espresso machine.
Portafilter handle
The handle that holds the portafilter basket (see above). This then fits into the group head of an espresso machine.
Robusta coffee
Coffee with a naturally higher caffeine content; grown at lower altitudes.
Shower screen
Part of an espresso machine that distributes water onto the coffee grounds.
Single Origin or Estate
Coffee beans that have not been mixed with any other beans, even beans from the same country.
Specialty coffee
Coffee that is distinguished by the quality of its raw material, representing only 10% of all coffee grown worldwide.
Steaming wand
Part of the espresso machine that produces steam to texture milk.
A tool that presses coffee into the portafilter basket.